Feb 28, 2020
The workshop is postponed.  The new dates will be posted later.

Scope of this meeting:
The ALMA Development Roadmap has identified the multiplication of the IF bandwidth of ALMA (at least by a factor 2) as one of the main priorities for ALMA upgrades in the 2020s. This increase of the instantaneous bandwidth will be realized with the coordinated upgrade of receivers in the Front End, the correlators, and last but not least, all electronics between them: digitizers, backend and Data Transmission System (DTS). This meeting aims to bring together experts on the ALMA system and digitizer, backend and data transmission system technologies, from within ALMA and from the community, in order to:

(1) discuss the status of technology and performance prospects for the next decade for digitizers, backend and DTS,

(2) identify the impact on these subsystems due to the increase of the instantaneous bandwidth by a factor >2, 

(3) discuss the most suitable location of the 2nd generation ALMA correlators in relation with the status of DTS technologies,

(4) identify the possibility to use off-the-self technologies for the implementation of the 2nd generation of ALMA digitizers, backend and DTS, 

(5) discuss on possible system architectures to implement the multiplication of the IF bandwidth of ALMA by a factor >2.

We particularly encourage participation by young scientists, and we have a modest amount of travel support.

Dec 3, First announcement and registration open
Jan 20, abstract deadline
Feb 17, release program
Mar 11-13, workshop

Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Yoshiharu Asaki (NAOJ)
Shinichiro Asayama (NAOJ)
Sylas Ashton (NRAO)
Crystal Brogan (NRAOJ)
Stuartt Corder (JAO)
Ricardo Finger (University of Chile)
Misato Fukagawa (NAOJ)
Todd Hunter (NRAO)
Jim Jackson (NRAO)
Christophe Jacques (NRAO)
Homing Jiang (ASIAA)
Atsushi Kanno (NICT)
Jongsoo Kim (KASI)
Hitoshi Kiuchi (NAOJ)
Kotaro Kohno (University of Tokyo)
Takafumi Kojima (NAOJ)
Hiroshi Nagai (NAOJ)
Hideyuki Nosaka (NTT)
Masatoshi Ohishi (NAOJ)
Takeshi Okuda (JAO)
Benjamin Quertier (University of Bordeaux)
Gie Han Tan (ESO)

Shinichiro Asayama (co-Chair: NAOJ)
Sylas Ashton (NRAO)
Alain Baudry (Université Bordeaux)
John Carpenter (JAO)
Daisuke Iono (co-Chair: NAOJ)
Noriyuki Kawaguchi (NAOJ)
Ciska Kemper (ESO)
Jongsoo Kim (KASI)
Hitoshi Kiuchi (NAOJ)
Patrick Koch (ASIAA)
Gie Han Tan (ESO)
Al Wootten (NRAO)

Takafumi Kojima (NAOJ)
George Kosugi (NAOJ)
Hiroshi Nagai (NAOJ)
Tomoko Nishikawa (NAOJ)
Yoshi Uzawa (NAOJ)